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Mental Health Coaching

The Peer Coach is a change agent that is grounded in trust and is focused on sharing resource tools that provide long term recovery by taking an intentional and proactive approach in peer engagement. Also, as a Peer Coach, I will assist individuals by skill building, problem-solving, setting up and maintaining mutual support groups, building self-directed recovery tools,​and by providing specific steps to reach recovery goals. The Peer Coach will promote hope, personal responsibility, empowerment, education, and self-determination in the communities where they serve by way of lived experience, peer support, self-actualization, and trust. 

The Peer Coach will serve as a consumer advocate by modeling recovery through spiritual applications that engage recovery narratives, mindfulness applications, coping strategies, presence, and positive thinking techniques that support personal growth and the progress potential of individuals by way of identifying strengths, wellness goals, setting objectives barriers, interventions, and social skills that support a consumer's life goals and promote positive self-esteem as  gleaned in Peer Coaching.   

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