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Happiness Coaching
  • If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are like many people today who are struggling to find peace and happiness in our chaotic world. Happiness management skills that can be taught like anger management skills. If fact, most people get little or no training on how to live a happier life.Happiness is not found in accumulating more money and toys, it is not about having the perfect mate, or that new job or house. Happiness is not about whether or not you get your way in life. Happiness is an inside job. Happiness can be found at any moment you choose to take action on your happiness; you do not have to wait.​

  • If you want to increase your happiness, attend our Positive Mind Management Program; which shows us that happiness can be TAUGHT. One of the biggest issues in happiness research is the question of “how much of our happiness is under our control?." It turns out that at least 40% of our happiness is under our control, 50% of our happiness is genetic and 10% is based on circumstances.​

  • Happiness Coaching will assist you in harnessing the 40% of your happiness that you do control. Through designed intentional activities and strategies, you will develop skills for helping yourself to live a happier and a more balanced life.​

  • Why Be Happy? Why not? Life is too short. Be Happy.

  • There are many benefits to choosing to be happy such as:

  • Happy people live longer

  • Happy people are healthier people

  • Happy people cope better with illness

  • Happy people are much more positive

  • Happy people are more persistent in attempting to solve problems

  • Happy children outperform unhappy children on almost every measure​

  • So why not why not invest in your happiness by attending the Happiness Management Program. You will embark on a life journey that will positively change the way you see and interact with the people and situations you encounter in your life.

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